People often ask me what my favorite magazine is since I’m obsessed with them and should probably be featured on an episode of “Hoarders” considering the amount of magazines that occupy my “home office” sized room. While I have a few favorites, i-D mag is definitely at the top of the list. i-D is a British mag started by Terry Jones in the 80’s who was a former art director at Vogue. They have some of the most amazing editorials and really interesting punk/underground/artsy features which makes it worth the whopping $13.  All of the covers feature a winking model which plays off of the winking smiley that you see when “i-D” is tipped to the side. (Or if you just tilt your head.)

Below are some of my all time favorite covers.

Anja Rubik


Naomi and Stefano

Fan Bingbing

Sasha Pivovarova

Supermodels Eva, Helena, and Claudia

Fei Fei

Isabeli killin it in a neck brace


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