Chanel Beauty Spotlight

Chanel’s Spring 2013 Couture show was stunning per usual but what really caught my attention was the makeup! Models sported a gothic feather/lace cat-eye that matched the feather headpieces from the show. Peter Philips, the Creative Beauty Director for Chanel is a total genius and was the mastermind behind the mini C beauty mark from the Versailles inspired Cruise 2013 show, pearl freckles from Spring 2012, and my all time favorite, fake Chanel tattoos from Spring 2010!

chanel beauty 2

chanel beauty 3

chanel beauty 5

chanel beauty 6

chanel beauty 7

chanel beauty 8

chanel beauty 10

chanel beauty 11

chanel beauty 13

chanel beauty fall 2010

Fall 2010

chanel beauty fall 2011 couture 2

Fall Couture 2011

chanel beauty fall 2012

Fall 2012

chanel beauty resort 2013

Resort 2013

Chanel beauty spring 2010

Spring 2010
Oh hai Peter Philips

chanel beauty spring 2010 2

Spring 2010

chanel beauty spring 2010 3

Spring 2010

chanel beauty spring 2010 couture

Spring Couture 2010

chanel beauty spring 2012

Spring 2012

chanel beauty spring 2012 2

Spring 2012

chanel beauty fall 2009

Fall 2009



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