Altuzarra Fall 2013

Need to save all my monies so I can be an Altuzarra girl next Fall.

The mainly black and white collection was so sexy and bad ass. Of course I’m DYING over that fur coat!!!  The checkered booties were a great splash of print to the otherwise super sleek and monotone footwear. Loved loved  loved zipper details on the dresses, the motorcycle jackets, and the last few dresses with the bustier/fur details were so killer.

Also -are fur mittens really trending?? A more ridiculous version can be seen at Alexander Wang.

altuzarra 1

altuzarra 2

altuzarra 3

altuzarra 4

altuzarra 5

altuzarra 6

altuzarra 7

altuzarra 8

altuzarra 9

altuzarra 10

altuzarra 11

altuzarra 12

altuzarra 13

altuzarra 14

altuzarra 15

altuzarra 16

altuzarra 17

altuzarra 18

altuzarra deatil 6

altuzarra detail

altuzarra detail 2

altuzarra detail 3

altuzarra detail 4

altuzarra detail 6

altuzarra detail 7

altuzarra detail 8

altuzarra detail5


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