Balenciaga Fall 2013

Finallyyyyy!!!! Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. Haters need to stop sippin the haterade. The collection was chic, cool, and classic Balenciaga. I’ll admit that it seemed a little bit safe but it was a great first collection. Everything looked super luxe – the  metal bow details, marbled shoes, crackle paint finish on the sweaters, and the bags were all superb. I also usually hate a toe cleave but Wang managed to make it look cool and modern. Can’t wait to see what Wang cranks out next!!

balenciaga 1

balenciaga 2

balenciaga 3

balenciaga 4

balenciaga 5

balenciaga 6

balenciaga 7

balenciaga 8

balenciaga 9

balenciaga 10

balenciaga 11

balenciaga 12

balenciaga detail 2

balenciaga detail 3

balenciaga detail 4

balenciaga detail 6

balenciaga detail 7

balenciaga detail 8

balenciaga detail 10

balenciaga detail 11

balenciaga detail 12

balenciaga detail 13

balenciaga detail 14

balenciaga detail 15


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