Lanvin Fall 2013

I’ve been so behind on my shows this season! I finally had the time to look at some shows today and Lanvin was so killer! Like WOWOWOWOWOWO. While everyone else has been doing purely black and white/minimal collections, Lanvin had a great mix of beautiful jewel tones, amazing accessories, and beautiful/feminine clothes.

The jewels – omg. DYINGGG. The script necklaces, chains and pearl encrusted medallions were to die for. Also love the bug brooches. I’m actually a big fan of brooches because I love old lady things like heated blankets and eating dinner at 5:30pm.

The dresses were beautiful but that was expected. The furs were a great addition – they always are. Makeup was perfect – I loved that not every model had the same look.  The oxfords paired with beautiful dresses felt fresh and I love a good feminine/masculine mix. The pumps were also killer – classic but with a hint of metallic.

Every element of the show was perfection. I want to own everything IMMEDIATELY. I also had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures I wanted to post. Basically reposting every picture I could find on

lanvin 1

lanvin 2

lanvin 3

lanvin 4

lanvin 5

lanvin 6

lanvin 7

lanvin 8

lanvin 9

lanvin 10

lanvin 11

lanvin 12

lanvin 14

lanvin 15

lanvin 16

lanvin 17

lanvin 18

lanvin 19

lanvin 20

lanvin 21

lanvin 22

lanvin 23

lanvin 24

lanvin 25

lanvin 26

lanvin 27

lanvin 28

lanvin 29

lanvin 30

lanvin 31

lanvin 32

lanvin 34

lanvin 35

lanvin 38

lanvin 39

lanvin 40

lanvin 41

lanvin 42

lanvin 43

lanvin detail 1

lanvin detail 2

lanvin detail 3

lanvin detail 4

lanvin detail 5

lanvin detail 6

lanvin detail 7

lanvin detail 8

lanvin detail 9

lanvin detail 10


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