Chanel Fall 2013 – All Around The World

Chanel Fall 2013 show took place this morning at the Grand Palais in Paris and it was (duh) amazing. Models walked around a massive Chanel globe marked which was flagged with a tiny Chanel flag for every boutique location in the world. #baller

Some highlights included adorable globe minaudieres (obvi need one for casual every day purposes), the tweed coats, and the “gator” boots with the hanging chain detail. You have to be stick skinny to wear what are essentially leather leg warmers but they looked so badass and chic.

The fur caps were apparently inspired by Anna Wintour’s bob and they came in surprising pops of color like electric blue and pastel pink. The shade of blues used throughout the show were also so incredibly stunning. LOVED the chunky chains and chokers! I love a good neck accessory and long live the arm party. I’m not gonna lie – sad my hair is too short to be able to wear it tucked into my necklaces.

PS.  How does Karl manage to make black look new and fresh every season?? Sparkle tweed? YES PLEASE.

chanel fall 1

chanel fall 2

chanel fall 3

chanel fall 4

chanel fall 5

chanel fall 6

chanel fall 7

chanel fall 8

chanel fall 9

chanel fall 10

chanel fall 13

chanel fall 14

chanel fall 15

chanel fall 16

chanel fall 17

chanel fall 18

chanel fall 19

chanel detail 1

chanel detail 2

chanel detail 3

chanel detail 4

chanel detail 5

chanel detail 6

chanel detail 7

chanel detail 8

chanel detail 9

chanel detail 10

chanel detail 11

chanel detail 12

chanel detail 14

chanel detail 15

chanel detail 16

chanel detail 17

chanel detail 18

chanel detail 20

chanel detail 21

chanel detail 23

chanel detail 24


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