Fall 2013 Shoe Wish List

When I was younger, I never understood why my mom had shelves full of shoes. I had exactly 3 pairs of shoes. A casual sneaker for school and hanging out at the mall (Adidas Superstars with baby blue stripes), flip flops (I grew up in Hawaii), and cross trainers. If my shoes wore out, I’d buy the EXACT same pair. Now I have more shoes than I can count and the space below my desk at work has become my second shoe closet. I never fully understood the power of the shoe until I moved to the East Coast. As my closet grew, so did my love of boots. Although I may still sleep with a heated blanket when it’s 50 degrees out, I love Fall and the things it allows me to wear (namely fur & leather). I forgot how good the Fall 2013 shows were and the shoes that almost make me want to be homeless since they cost the same amount/more than my rent.

1) Prada

Loved this 50’s luxe/Hitchcock inspired collection. The shoes had a lug soles which toughened up the RTW and gave it a more utilitarian feel without being too masculine. I can’t resist a good platform heel.

prada fall 2013 runway

prada fall 2013 shoes

prada fall 2013 shoes 3

2) Chanel

So obsessed with these. No commentary needed. I think they speak for themselves. KILLER.

chanel fall 2013 shoes 2

chanel fall 2013 shoes

3) Celine

It’s no secret that Phoebe Philo is a genius/fashion killa and I loved what she did for Fall. It was girly yet super chic. The booties seems really bare bones but there’s something about the cut of the shoe that makes it seem like the perfect fall staple to me.

celine fall 2013
celine fall 2013 3

celine fall 2013 2



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